The coronavirus pandemic was never meant to be part of this research project but of course how could it not be with the huge impact it has had on everyone's lives?
Like most people Ida’s world was turned upside down overnight and adapting to the new normal hasn’t been easy. Her time at primary school came to a premature end, without being able to say goodbye properly to her teachers and even some of her friends. Now she has no sports day, no year six play, no final disco and no leavers assembly. Instead she has homeschooling and social isolation.
Dyslexia itself creates its own form of isolation, especially within peer groups. So in the current environment Ida’s sense of social isolation has only been magnified, not only because she can’t meet her friends but because most of the communication between them is being conducted through text and emails which of course presents a specific set of problems for someone with dyslexia.

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